Travel Details

Travel Details to Get to the Virgin Islands and St John

The U.S. Virgin Islands are readily accessible from the American mainland. Many airlines in the U.S. offer direct connections to Cyril B. King International Airport on St. Thomas. If there is no direct flight from where you are, the islands can also be reached through common hubs like New York and Miami. In addition several flights depart every day from San Juan, Puerto Rico to St. Thomas. Since most flights are offered every day throughout the year, the Virgin Islands are very well connected, making them an attractive location easily reached even at short notice.

Arriving at St. John

St. John can be reached from St. Thomas International Airport easily and comfortably within one hour – whether by private boat, water taxi or by one of the various ferries. The main transportation hub is the port town of Cruz Bay. From there it’s just a few minutes to SIRENUSA up in the hills just overlooking the town. Leisure equipment and fitness gear find plenty of room and can be comfortably packed and unpacked with personal parking spaces provided right at your villa.

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